Uncount Nouns: Plural form, expressions with uncount nouns

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An uncount noun can not be really counted:
They often refer to:
Abstract ideas: beauty, death, fun, life, money, …
Activities: advice, help, sleep, travel, work …
Human feelings / qualities: anger, courage, cruelty, happiness, honesty, pride …
Substances: bread, food, salt, pepper, water, wine, iron …

No plural form with the uncount nouns: we said:
There was a lot of food.

But we can use some quantifiers with uncount nouns:
He gave me some useful advice.
They gave us a lot of information.

Common uncount nouns in english:
In english, they are uncount nouns. But in other languages, they have a plural form.
advice, knowledge: Can I give you some advice?
baggage, luggage,
equipment, machinery, furniture,
information, news, traffic,

Countable things with uncountable noun … with expressions:
a piece of / pieces of … advice,
a bit of / bits of … furniture, equipment,
an item of / items of … luggage,
But it doesn’t work with accomodation, money and traffic.