Future in english with WILL

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Future in english with WILL

Uses of WILL:
1/ Future facts are TRUE, CERTAIN?
We use WILL:
I’ll be 25 next month. The train will be late.

I’m certain you’ll love her. I’m sure he’ll do a great job. Trust me!
The sun will rise over there tomorrow morning.
The President of USA will serve the country for 4 years.
Children, I’m sure you mother won’t be happy.

2/ Future facts are TRUE, but we are NOT CERTAIN?
We use WILL + maybe, perhaps, possibly, probably. (the belief is less certain).
Maybe it will be OK. Maybe we will see you there.
Perhaps we’ll meet again some day. Perhaps I’ll be late, don’t wait me.
I’ll possibly come, but I’m not sure! He’ll possibly find out when he sees Jenny.

I’ll probably come back late tonight. It’ll probably be a great love story. They’re so cute!

3/ Future facts are TRUE, but you’re not certain, this is your idea ?
We use WILL + I think, I hope, I’m sure, I wonder …
I think I’ll go to the cinema tonight, there’s a nice movie.

I’m angry. I think I will have something to eat in the fridge.
My brother is sick, I hope he’ll get on well.
I have a new neighboorhood. I hope he won’t be noisy.
You worked hard this term. I’m sure you’ll pass your exam.
Paris is a nice city. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay. Have fun.

4/ Future facts depend on YOUR OWN DECISION? The idea has just come into our head?
We use WILL (we announce our decision):
I’ll see that later. I’ll phone you later, when I get there.

I’ll answer that. I’ll go there next week.
I’ll go to NYC next summer. I won’t tell him. It’s a secret !

NOTE: If your decision is made (decided it before, it’s sure).
=> WE USE: « I’m going to »: We’re going to NYC next week.
(=> We’ve decided it last month, we’ve bought the tickets!)

5/ Futures facts are a PREDICTION in the FUTURE … based on an evidence in the present?
Evidence in the present => prediction in the future => « I’m going to … »
There’re many clouds, It’s going to rain this afternoon.
There’s a strike in Paris, I’m going to miss my flight.
Look at the queue. We’re not going to wait!
Be careful! You’re going to burn your lips with the coffee.
You know what? I’m going to NYC tomorrow (I booked hotels 3 months ago).