The present continuous: Be + Verb-ing: when we don’t use this form

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The present continuous: Be + Verb-ing: I am doing …
When we don’t use the continuous form

We don’t use the present continuous with these verbs:

Mark has (got) a nice girlfriend.

like, love, hate:
I like pizza, I love spaghetti, but I hate mushroms.

need, prefer, want:
I need your help.
Do you prefer pizza or spaghettis?
Mark want a smartphone.

believe, know, understand:
Do you believe this girl? I believe her.
Do you know the answer? Yes, I know the answer!
Do you understand me? Yes, I understand you!

see, hear, feel, taste, smell:
Do you see him? Yes, he’s coming.
Do you hear me? Yes, I hear you!
Do you want to test this product?
This man smells bad!

look like, seem:
Look this bike. It looks like mine!
That seems impossible! No, you can do it!