Present perfect simple (I have done) or Past Simple (I did)?

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Present perfect simple (I have done) or Past Simple (I did)?
Present Perfect and Past, the differences.


British and American have different rules for the use of the present perfect.
The English grammar use the Present Perfect.
But American english accept the Past Simple.

In the past: I lost my book. (present perfect) => I don’t have my book.
Later… I have found my book.
Now: I have my book. => Now, I have my book.

With the Past Simple:
we talk about actions in the Past that have finished. It talks about « then ».
I lost my book! -> this the Past! NOW, maybe the situation has changed!

With the Present Perfect Simple:
we look back on actions in the past from the present. It always includes « now ».
I’ve lost my book! ->Now, I don’t have my book, but maybe the situation could change…

Past Simple : NO connection to the present. (present = now, time of speaking)
I first got to know him 5 years ago. I started work here in 2005.
I had too much to eat at lunchtime.

Present Perfect Simple : connection to the present.
I’ve known him for 5 years. I’ve worked here since 2005.
I’ve eaten too much at lunchtime, my stomach hurts.


Past Simple: « ago », last month », « yesterday », « in 2005 »
He visited me 2 months ago.
I made my first travel in NYC last year.
I spoke to her yesterday.
He joined the company in 2005.

Present Perfect Simple: « ever », « never », « since »
I’ve never seen so many people here before.
Have you ever been more surprised?
I’ve done a lot since we last talked about it.

Keywords: « already », « just », « yet »: with the Present Perfect in British english,
[and often used with the past simple in American english].
I haven’t done it yet. (UK) I didn’t do it yet. (US)
I’ve just done it. (UK) I just did it. (US)
I’ve already done it. (UK) I already did it. (US)

« for » acceptable with the both forms, but with different meanings.
I lived in Paris for a couple of years before I moved here. (Past Simple).
I’ve lived in Paris for a couple of years and still love it. (Present Perfect Simple).


Present Perfect: Use it for something that happened recently.
I’ve found my book. I can study my english lesson, now.
I’ve repaired the car. Dear, we can go on holidays now!

Past Simple: we use it if the situation is really finished (in the past):
Abraham Lincoln was the greatest President of USA.
Einstein discovered relativity. Mozart wrote symfonies.

BUT, in Am. english, we can use the Past Simple about situation that happened recently.
I founded my book. I repaired the car.
Past – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Now – – – – Future
Past Simple Present Perfect–> Present
About a new situation, we can use the Present Perfect: Somebody has spilt the tea on the floor!
But if you continue to talk about it, use the past simple: I didn’t do that!