Present Continuous or Present Simple? I’m doing … or … I do … ?-2

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Present Continuous or Present Simple? I’m doing … or … I do … ?

Is it just now? Or all the time?
Verbs only at the Present Simple (do):
I like this girl,
I need to drink,
I prefer this book,
I want to eat (because I’m hungry),

Verbs who are usually used with the Present Simple form: I do (not with the progressive form).
State verb: cost, fit, mean, suit
this car cost 500 euros, it suits you well…

Possession: belong, have
This car belongs to Peter, Sandra has a cat.

Senses: feel, hear, see, smell, taste, touch
He feels the cold. Do you hear me? Do you see the boat? It smells good.
Don’t tast it before 8.00 pm. Don’t touch this!
=> We can use CAN (seel the lesson about « CAN »):
can + feel, hear, see, smell, taste, touch:
Hi, Can you hear me? Can you see me?

eelings: hate, hope, like, love, prefer, regret, want, wish
I hate him. I hope to find the solution. I like this book. He loves her. I regret, excuse me.

I want to buy this bicycle. I wish you an Happy New Year.

Brain work:
believe, know, think, understand.
I believe you. I know the way. I think it’s a good idea. I understand it.

Introductory clauses for direct speech: answer, ask, reply, say
Do you ask him the solution of the problem?
He don’t reply. He isn’t at home!
« I am reading a book » he says.