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Useful expressions with like  

I like him very much.

Like:(activity, others …)
I like apples.
I doesn’t like playing tennis.

Be like:
Be like = look like somebody or something, be similar.
He’s like George Clooney.
Your bike is like mine.

Be just like somebody:
Be just like somebody = typical of somebody.
It’s like him!

Do as you like:
Do as you like = do as you want.
Do as you like. It’s your choice

Eat like a horse:
Eat like a horse = to eat in large quantities (like a horse).
My wife eats like a horse, but she never seems to put on any weight.
She never talks about diet.

Eat like a bird:
Eat like a bird = to eat in little quantities (like a bird).
My wife eats like a bird, please, bring a pizza.

Be like a sitting duck:
Be like a sitting duck = when you’re very exposed to something.
Soldiers felt like a sitting duck and changed his position. Now, they’re covered.

Like a bump on a log:
You’re like a bump on a log? = You’re not moving.
Please, don’t sit here like a bump on a log!

Feel like:
I Feel like = I have the desire to do something.
I feel like going to a party tonight.
I don’t feel like working today.

Feel like a million:
Feel like a million = feel really good and happy.
I have a new job, I’m feeling like a million today.
After my promotion, I felt like a million. Yeah man!

Fit like a glove:
Fit like a glove = clothes or apparel fit perfectly.
I have a new job, I’m feeling like a million today.
Sarah, you new coat fits like a glove.

Go like clockwork:
Go like clockwork = things happen without problems, very smoothly.
The presentation by Steve Jobs went like clockwork.
His worldtour was like clockwork: In America in April, in Europe in June, in Asia in July.

If you like:
If you like = you make a suggestion.
We could go there tomorrow, if you like.

Know like the back on one’s hand:
=> you know it very well, every detail, you understand everything.
My wife knows me like the back of her hand, I can’t lie.
I know the plan like the back of my hand.

Like this:
Like this = in this manner.
Do your bed like this.

Like so:
Like so = about …
Do it like so.

Like anything:
Like anything = very much:it’s not possible to work so hard.
I’m working like anything today.

Like mad:
Like mad = very much.
She’s working like mad this week.

Like a fish out of water:
You’re like a fish out of water? = you doesn’t fit it at all. You’re not good.
You’re out of place, and not belonging at all !!
He speaks russian, but he’s like a fish out of water in english. That’s strange.
When I arrive in a new city, I look like a fish out of water. I’m lost.
I don’t like football, I look like a fish out of water on the field.

More like this:
More like this = better than this …
It’s more like it.

Nothing like:
Nothing like = nothing as good as …
There is nothing like a french wine for having a good dinner.

Something like:
Something like = about …
This car costs something like 25,000 euros.

When you like:
when you like = when you want.
Come when you like, you’re welcome.
=> You don’t need to ring me before.

Would like:
I would like = I want something.
I would like an orange juice, please.
I would like to play tennis.
I would like = I wish something, I prefer something.
Stay here if you like, it’s warmer inside.

Like as not, as like as not:
Like as not, as like as not = very probably, with a high probability.
The door is closed, like as not, but there’s a window opened.

His like, Her like:
His like, her like = about a person and others… (pejorative)
he and his like, her and her like … (pejorative).

Like-minded = we talk about sensibilities (same sensibility).
He did a meeting with like-minded people.

Like for like, like-for-like:
Like for like, like-for-like = it’s the same (equivalence idea).
We have only one rating system, so we can compare all economics models like-for-like.

Like a bat out of hell:
Like a bat out of hell = very fast, quickly.
My husband drive off like a bat out of hell. I’m scared when he drives.
He was furious and left the room like a bat out of hell.

Spread like wildfire:
Spread like wildfire = ideas, informations get known very quickly.
With internet, news spread like wildfire through the world.
My solutions spread like wildfire: everybody know it, even the comitee. In one day!

Go out like a light:
Go out like a light = fall asleep very quickly.
My husband went out like a light when he lay on the bed.
He was very tired; he has a new job and works like-mad.
I hit the pillow, and then, I was out like a ligkt.

Sleep like a log:
You sleep like a log? = you sleep very well, very deeply.
My wife slept like a log last night. Usually, she can’t close an eye.
My wife sleep like a log. I could go to the night-club if I would.
(=> He slept very very well).

Read someone like a book:
read someone like a book? = understand the other person’s motivation for doing something.
I can read you like a book.
I know what you mean. I can read you like a book.

Watch someone like a hawk:
Watch like a hawk = you keep an eye on someone, you watch sth very carefully, closely.
Can you watch my son like a hawk? I’m going to the toilets. Thank you.
I’m watching you like a hawk, don’t make any mistakes!

Sell like hot cakes:
Sell like hotcakes = it sells very quickly, very well.
The iPhone is selling like hot cakes.