Future with SHALL

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Future with SHALL:

SHALL isn’t very used frequently in english (and very rare in American english).
SHALL is used with old grammar (formal form, as older native english).
Nowadays, we prefer the « will » form.

SHALL is an alternative to « will » with « I » and « we ». (1st pers. Sing & Plur).
I shall or I will / we shall or we will. (But you, he/she/it, you, they … will).

Affirmative form: « shall »
I shall go to visit the doctor.

Negative form: « shall not » or « shan’t« … (really rare in American english).
I don’t like your idea, I shall not do it. (or I shan’t do it).
Interrogative form: Shall I? Shall we…? (when you ask to somebody’s opinion).
Shall I shut the door?

1/ to ask somebody’s opinion or advice: (What do you think? What do you advice me?)

What dress shall I wear? (What do you think?)
Shall we go to their party? (What do you think?)
Shall I shut the door? (Do you want me to shut the door?)
Shall I come earlier? (Do you want me to come earlier?)

3/ to make offers or suggestions:
What time shall we meet? Ten o’clock? Or later?

Shall we go now? Please, one minute, I’m not ready!

Difference meaning WILL and SHALL….
Will you shut the door? (I ask you to get up and go to shut the door).

Shall I shut the door? (Do you want me to shut the door?)