Future: WILL used in a present situation

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Future: WILL used in a present situation

Most of people think that WILL is used only with the future.
Here, Will is referring to the future:
Next birthday, I’ll be 25.

If I go to London, I’ll visit Peter.
If I see Peter, I’ll tell him about my holidays.

But if you’ve arranged or decided something to do, we can use the present continuous.
I’m going to London this week-end. (don’t use « will »).

Are you going to the stadium this week-end? Yes, I am.

Here, Will is referring to the present:
Will you have another cup of tea?

The traffic is terrible, the bus won’t leave. I’ll be late.
If that’s the phone, I’ll get it. It’ll be for me.
The computer won’t work.

You express power:
You will do it. (I’m the boss!).

You’ll see the figures, and write me a rapport!

You make invitations, offers/ requests, or give orders:
invitations: Will you come in? Will you come with us?

offers: Will you have some cake? Don’t worry, I’ll help you.
requests: Please, will you give me a hand?
orders: Children, Will you sit down? Will you listen to me?

You make promises, threats:
My dear, I’ll phone you tomorow evening. I’ll phone him quickly.

I won’t forgive you!

You make a deduction:
The bell’s ringing, that will be Sarah.

You talk about habits:
I won’t run faster than you!

Others examples in a present situation:
The car won’t start. Will you write me the report now?

I’ll have a Margarita, please. I’ll call him in 5 minutes.
She won’t give you a hand.

Others examples in a future situation:
I’ll be in London in 2 weeks. You’ll get it Saturday.

I’ll visit him next week. She’ll come back next month.