Conditional – Introduction

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Zero, first, second, third Conditional,

Choose the right conditional form:
Zero Conditional: => If (When, Unless) + Present, … Present simple (or imperative).
Things are true or will happen. General situations or particular situations.
If water reaches 100 degrees, it always boils. It’s a fact.
If you have any problem, tell me.

First Conditional: => if + present, … + will (or going to) + infinitive.
About futures events possible in the present or future.
If I have enough money, I will buy some new shoes.
If you come, you’re going to see him.

Second Conditional: => if + past simple, … would + infinitive
About impossible situations (in the present and in the future).
Impossible now, or not going to be true in the future. Won’t happen.
If I had her number, I would call her. (I don’t have her number, so I can’t call her).
About unlikely situations:
If I was the President, I’d reduce taxes.

Third Conditional: => « if + past perfect », … « would have » + past participle
About impossible conditions because they are in the past.
If I had worked harder my lesson, I would have got a better mark.

ZERO Conditional / FIRST Conditional.
Present in « if condition »=> Is it going to happen (ZERO) / Is it possible (FIRST)?
It’s going to happen? => ZERO Conditional. if + present, present clause (general situation).
It’s possible? => FIRST Conditional. if + present, future clause (particular situation).
Zero : if you sit in the sun, you get burned
First : if you sit in the sun, you will get burned.

FIRST Conditional / SECOND Conditional.
About the issue (present/future): Is it possible? or Is it impossible?
possible? => First Conditional. if + present, I will (you think it’s possible, likely)
impossible? => Second Conditional. if + past, I would (you think it’s impossible, unlikely)
First : if + present, you + future. / I think it can likely happen in the future.
If he studies harder, he’ll pass the exam (it’s possible).
Second : if + past, you + would + infinitive. / I don’t think it will really happen.
If she studied harder, she would pass the exam (it’s impossiblle that she study).
1st Conditional: If I win the lottery, I will buy a big house. (I think it’s possible)
2nd Conditional: If I won the lottery, I would buy a big house. (I think it’s impossible).