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Definition, meanings.

About = « approximately », « around ».
around is more formal, about is less formal.

About two hundred persons are in the street.
About half the people agreed my decision.
I’ll met you about six.

About = « here » and « there ».
He is always out and about.
The kids sit about doing nothing.

About = « concerning » (something, someone).
I have heard all about it.
There is nothing we can do about it.
The great thing about her is that she never gives up.

About = on (the subject of a discussion).
(on is more formal, about is less formal).
They talked about your idea.
He gave a lecture on the economy.

How about, What about = we make suggestions.
What about a break? I’m tired!
What about asking to our customers?

What about … ? = we have questions.
(not How about here).
What about him? (= What do we do about him?)